God of Belief

Image credit; Shane Rounce Unsplash

Somewhere in South Africa , midst of the dense jungle , there was a huge and over 300 yr old tree which was considered quite sacred . In fact it was told to be worshipped as one of their Gods. They named it ” God of Belief “. In this jungle there resided a tribe which was formed by a group of people from different origins and so they had a lot of diversity in their own tribe itself.

Irrespective of their caste creed age gender or race in their tribe they worshipped this God. This tree had huge trunks and its vast branches would even entangle through the surrounding trees, But that is how the beauty of the huge tree existed.

The tribal people believed that this tree has a huge power of absorbing negativity around and it filled their lives with peace once they surrender their problems to the tree. So every full moon night the people would conduct their prayers by holding the huge branch and ask for peace. They believed miraculously many problems gets solved by their prayers and they never differentiated among themselves on basis of age gender or other forms when it came to prayers.

For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a tree trunk. We can see hands placed next to each other along the length of the tree trunk. The hands belong to people of different race, age, and gender.

This post is linked to Sadje’s challenge : whatdoyousee #93. You may have a look on that.

Author: Abhishek

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