Why you shouldn’t get a LABRADOR

‘Alexa’ was just 48 days then. 6 days after she came first in our house. This picture was taken on 23rd July 2020. You can see more of her in my INSTA ID. Click on the photo to get to my INSTA

Year 2020 . Lockdown had started all over the world and everything got standstill. No more hangouts and office or pleasure travels. Just have to stay at home and go through utter boredom. You realize its best to have a pet so that you can make the very use of the time, cuddling and pampering a cute little one.

But some people like me never thought of how much justice we could do when everything gets normal. We adopted dogs, cats and other pets but we never thought of what could happen next. Without evaluating the practical scenario we made them suffer. I can’t say about others but since I adopted a Labrador Retriever (ALEXA) , I can throw some light on it.


  • They are SUPERACTIVE. Suppose for example people are simply sitting at home in this lockdown and need some energy burn out way. So one adopts an energetic dog with whom one can burn out some calories by walking and playing fetch. But we forget its a 15 yr commitment. Once the things get normal, will you be able to deliver the same energy with them ? Ask yourself
  • They might need MEDICAL attention. These dogs originally came from the colder regions . They are not much adaptive to the INDIAN atmosphere and also prone to infections and some other diseases unlike the INDIAN STRAY DOGS. So when you adopt a cute little puppy its also about adopting the responsibilities. They cant even express a pain as they don’t speak our language. Its quite sad that although they learn our language , they get trained easily to follow our instructions but we fail to understand them.
  • They have CHEWING tendencies. Starting from your hands and legs to the expensive furniture , they can chew it all. Although they can be trained not to do so but it takes time and patience. So with bruises ( play bites ) in your bodies and smile in your face you have to patiently deal with this habit.
  • TRAINING is must. Be it from a professional trainer or yourself via YouTube videos you must train them. The habits which you may find cute while they are puppy can be immensely destructive and irritating once they grow up untrained. Starting with the pee potty training and the crate training you may have to give ample time and energy to train them so that they follow your instructions. Always remember that they feel happy too in making us happy but only thing they don’t know is HOW TO DO THAT. You may see some of the videos (BENGALI LANGUAGE ) in my youtube channel. Although there aren’t many but you will find other YouTube videos as well.
  • They always remain DEPENDENT. Our human kids grow and they take their own paths. After a certain period you don’t have to take decisions for them , infact they may take care of you. But any dog , not only Labrador , will remain dependent on you all its lifetime. No matter how badly you behave with them they will be wagging their tail in happiness once they see you after a while or when you offer them a treat. They don’t have egos unlike humans
  • You can’t really GO OUT easily. Many of us leave their pets with other people while going out or even a creche if its for a few days or a week. But only the people who know how much traumatizing this is for them won’t be comfortable in leaving them with others. Labradors are family dogs and comfortable with the other family members and other pets but still they become anxious or go into depression when they don’t see you around.
  • You have to SOCIALIZE them. Taking them out for a walk or meeting other people and animals are important. The more they explore the more they get accustomed to the outer world. If not socialized properly they will feel insecure and may also behave ferocious which is very unlike a labrador. So socialising is important and to do that it takes a commitment for taking them out daily and letting them explore.
  • Your own social circle takes a hit. You get to cut off with many people as either you can’t visit them or they can’t visit you. Many relatives will stop coming to your houses ( maybe a blessing in disguise ) because all are not dog lovers. And specially for Labradors which are large breed dogs, many are scared enough, although only people who know this breed, knows that they are harmless cute little pups no matter how much they grow physically. So whether you like or not your own social circle and plans will get hampered.
  • Expenses of keeping a Labrador Retriever are not small. Apart from the vaccinations and medications or regular vet check up , the daily food expenses are not something to be overlooked. If someone is unaware of the costs , one must be pretty sure about the future commitment before adopting one.
  • All they want from you is Love and Time. They can be very much possessive of you because they don’t have anything else to cling on to. It may sound lovely but some odd day you may find that disturbing when you are not in a mood to cuddle with them. In that way you will only be hurting them mentally which although they would never complain of.

After reading all of that if you still believe in adopting one please go ahead, because they are most loyal and lovable animal on planet. They absorb all the negativity in you and inspite of all the hassles they will comfort you like no one else does. I HAVE TAKEN SEVERAL YEARS TO DECIDE WHETHER I SHOULD ADOPT ONE AND NOW I REALLY BELIEVE NO HUMAN BEING CAN EVER LOVE US BACK LIKE THE WAY THEY DO.


P.S :I am not the best parent. Certainly not ! My profession keeps me away from my daughter ( ALEXA ) . She is not properly socialized as I have been staying away and its not possible for my wife to take her for walk everyday. BUT ALEXA NEVER COMPLAINED. She loves us the same way. I feel guilty sometimes that although I am giving her a lot , I am still lacking in many aspects. I don’t regret adopting her as she has given us some of the best memories and will continue doing so , but in this process of PAWRENTING , I felt that these are the aspects one must take into account before adopting one, impulsively.

When Alexa was 6 months old
ALEXA : 1 year old


Author: Abhishek

Jack of all trades , masters of none

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